Beef Cattle

Australian beef cattle are internationally renowned for their superior quality and production capabilities.

A huge advantage of the Australian beef industry is its disease free status.

Both Australian Angus and Herefords are highly adaptable to climatic conditions from extreme cold to hot weather.

Australian Angus and Herefords are renowned for their superior fertility and maternal ability, market value, carcase quality and for their growth and hardiness.

From 2012, the Landmark International team has supplied over 79,000 of beef cattle to Russia and CIS countries.

Landmark International can provide its customers with:

  • Access to the best genetics available from around the world;
  • Feedlotting/ quarantine facilities;
  • Shipping or airfreight;
  • Animal husbandry and feeding services;
  • A consistent source for beef cattle of all specifications and grades for the global market;
  • International consultancy services;
  • Embryos and semen.