Dairy Cattle

The Australian dairy industry is internationally recognised as one of the world’s most competitive and integral parts of the global food market.

The nation’s enviable disease free status has seen it dominate the supply of dairy cattle to China, South East Asia, Middle East, Mexico and CIS countries.

Since Landmark became involved as principal exporter in 2008 we have been involved in the export of over 200,000 dairy heifers from Australia, New Zealand, South America, and the USA to various markets around the globe.

Landmark International sources only high grade dairy cattle for live export. We have a strict selection protocol which ensures each and every beast chosen for export complies with international standards and conform to high production, fertility and easy care.

Both Australian Jersey and Holsteins are highly adaptable to various climatic conditions and production systems.

Australian Jersey cattle are renowned for high quality milk with very high protein and fat content.

Australian Holsteins are capable of achieving 10, 000 litres plus per lactation as an average in correct feedlot systems.

Landmark International can provide its customers with:

  • Access to the best genetics available from around the world;
  • Feedlotting/ quarantine facilities;
  • Shipping or airfreight;
  • Animal husbandry and feeding services for productivity and/or fertility;
  • A consistent source for dairy cattle of all specifications and grades for the global market;
  • International consultancy services;
  • Embryos and semen.

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