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Angus cattle export

Beef Cattle

The popularity of Angus bulls and cows across Australia – and the world – is justified. Versatile and fertile, Angus cattle are highly adaptable to various climatic conditions. They almost seem to thrive in a variety of geographies. From extreme cold to hot weather, Angus cattle simply take it in their stride.

Fertility in Angus cattle is strong, even during difficult conditions - not to mention their excellent carcass quality, muscling and maturity patterns.

All of this leads to an inevitable conclusion: the finest quality beef. Their superior quality is renowned across the world with good reason.

Since Landmark became involved as principal exporter in 2008, Landmark has exported tens of thousands of Angus cattle to markets all around the world.

With the finest quality beef on the market, combined with our expertise in ensuring the finest care and exporting procedures, you can rest assured Landmark International can deliver.

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