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Hereford cattle export

Beef Cattle

While most cattle seem to take life in their stride, Hereford are a different breed – literally. One of the most docile breeds available, you can be sure that Hereford bulls and cows aren’t easily spooked.

The result? Efficiency. Such stress-free cattle have higher growth rates, quality, lower stress levels and a higher fertility than other breeds. Not to mention, Hereford cattle are extremely adaptable to a wide variety of climatic conditions.

As a result, Hereford cattle produce a higher quality beef than many other breeds.

Since Landmark became involved as principal exporter in 2008, Landmark has exported tens of thousands of Hereford cattle from Australia to markets all around the world.

With the finest quality beef on the market, combined with our expertise in ensuring the finest care and exporting procedures, you can rest assured Landmark International can deliver.

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