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Holstein Friesian cow export

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The enormous scope of the Australian dairy industry is laid bare in these figures: the country has more than 1.6 million dairy cows on more than 7,500 farms. Holstein Friesian cows make up about 70% of those.

Holstein Friesian cows are not only adaptable to a huge range of climates and production systems, but they are enormous producers. First brought into Australia during the 1800s, they originate from the Netherlands.

Australian Holsteins are cows of choice not just due to their high levels of milk production, but their size and versatility. Able to survive and thrive in climates all across the world, Holstein Friesian cows are also a larger breed than many other dairy cows.

Since Landmark became involved as principal exporter in 2008, Landmark has exported hundreds of thousands of Holstein Friesian cows from Australia, New Zealand, and South America to markets all around the world. Combined with our expertise in ensuring the finest care and exporting procedures, you can rest assured Landmark International can deliver.

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