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Jersey cattle export

Dairy Cattle

Dairy farmers hoping to build a thriving business require cows that can get the job done. Jersey cows not only provide 20% more quality protein and 15% more calcium than other breeds, but Jersey milk yields 20-25% more cheese and 30% more butter.

These are some of the most efficient cows available in agribusiness, guaranteed to work hard and provide more in a vast range of climates all over the world.

Their benefits go further. Jersey heifers reach sexual maturity at a younger age than many other cows, allowing farms to breed one calf per one cow per year. Their ease of calving lowers vet bills and stress levels – for both cows, and their farmers.

Combined with a low propensity for disease, Jersey cattle are an optimal choice.

Since Landmark became involved as principal exporter in 2008, Landmark has exported thousands of Jersey cows from Australia, New Zealand, and South America to markets all around the world. With the finest Combined with our expertise in ensuring the finest care and exporting procedures, you can rest assured Landmark International can deliver.

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